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Governing Body Minutes

The Governing Body may, on occasions, exclude some or all of the minutes of a meeting – this may include minutes relating to a named person employed or proposed to be employed at the institution; a named student, or candidate for admission to the institution; the Clerk or any matter which by reason if its nature the Governing Body is satisfied should be dealt with on a confidential basis.

This is to ensure compliance with legislation such as the Data Protection Act 2018 and with due regard for the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Governing Body Minutes

Governing Body Members

The Group’s Corporation is known as the East Kent Colleges Group Governing Body. The Governing Body has an agreed Public Value Statement. Its members consist of volunteers who are drawn from the community, and a staff and student member from the Group.

Instruments and Articles of Government

The Group’s Instrument and Articles of Government determine the duties and responsibilities of the Governing Body

Scheme of Delegation

The Scheme of Delegation outlines the responsibilities of the Group, Governing Body and Local Boards, Colleges and business units under the Education Act 2011.

We are a group of six community-based colleges

Our mission is to play a leading role for East Kent in developing the economic and social prosperity of the diverse communities we serve.