Group - Students from across the EKC Group jet off with the Erasmus Programme
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Students from across the EKC Group jet off with the Erasmus Programme

Around 200 college students from across the EKC Group will get the chance to live and work in Spain over the next year thanks to the Erasmus Programme. 

The Group has partnered with the scheme to give its learners the opportunity to stay in either Granada or Seville for 17 days at a time, with each working for companies related to their current courses. 

Project lead and Director of Further & Higher Education Experience at Canterbury College, Lauren Anning, notes the work experience is just one of the benefits of the trips.

She said: “It’s really a cultural experience for these students – some have never flown before or have never lived away from their family before. 

“They live in apartments, get weekly allowances to buy food or ingredients to cook their own and generally have a high degree of freedom. 

“So even though they’re working, they also get plenty of time to explore these beautiful and historic cities while improving their Spanish.”

Among the 39 students who have just returned from the first of the EKC Group’s Erasmus trips is Amir Elassri, a 17-year-old currently studying Sport and Leisure at Broadstairs College. 

Having spent his stint assisting tours along the río Guadalquivir with Kayak Sevilla, Amir had nothing but praise for the trip and those who organised it. 

He said: “The whole process was very easy and articulated clearly by our lecturers. 

“We got to meet people from colleges in Seville, experience self-sufficient living for the first time and explore what Seville has to offer such as foreign food, exotic architecture and interesting characters.  

“The trip was great - I wouldn’t change a thing. The airport procedure was smooth and organised, the flight was pleasant and speedy, and we arrived with the sun beating down on us which was a real juxtaposition to England.” 

Among Amir’s highlights were visiting a nearby Star Wars set, trying tapas and riding electric scooters around Seville. 

The next trip will see another 41 EKC Group students jet off to Spain in November. 

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