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Canterbury College Alumnus Makes a Splash with Netflix Documentary Seaspiracy

Seaspiricy, the Netflix directorial debut by former Canterbury College student, Ali Tabrizi, has sent ripples throughout the world since it premiered on the streaming service back in March.

The documentary film, created by Ramsgate-based Ali and his wife Lucy Tabrizi, explores the state of ocean health and the impacts of human activity on marine ecosystems.

Since its release, it has been a staple in the Netflix viewing charts, attracting both praise and controversy for the issues highlighted during its 90-minute run time.

“This film will radically transform the way we think and act on ocean conservation forever,” commented Ali ahead of the documentary’s release.

He continued: “It is time we focus our ecological and ethical concerns on our seas and its inhabitants.

“This is a new era for how we treat the most important habitat on earth.”

For more information about the documentary, visit the official Seaspiracy website.