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The world of Further Education can be quite a mystery to those who haven't gone through it, let alone all of the other opportunities provided by EKC Group.

Aside from our Colleges, Sixth Form College and Apprenticeships, we also run the top-rated hotel in Kent on TripAdvisor - The Yarrow Hotel in Broadstairs - and several employability centres.

Press visits can be a great way of:

  • Finding out how the world of Further Education works;
  • Experiencing and reviewing our hotel;
  • Getting the views of young people, both on education and the wider world;
  • Seeing how we encourage life-long learning through adult courses;
  • Learning how we engage with and bolster skills in our local communities;
  • The benefits EKC Group brings to Kent's economy and workforce;

We will completely facilitate your visit, directing you to the subject areas or business units most suited to your enquiry.

To organise a press visit, click here.