Sheppey College - Our Vision for Sheppey College 2021-2024
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Our Vision for Sheppey College 2021-2024

EKC Group is committed to developing the prosperity and wellbeing of the communities we serve, working in collaboration with all our partners to achieve shared objectives and build collective success.

To shape the future development of Sheppey College in ways that maximise the benefits of being part of the EKC Group, our Vision is aligned to the Goals of the Group. Our Vision is focused on ensuring a relevant and responsive education and skills provision for the communities of Swale, and for local employers we serve.

Our Strategic Plan defines the strategic direction of EKC Group in the coming four years, with our priorities expressed as three Strategic Goals:

  • To drive educational change with the communities we serve
  • To provide exceptional learning opportunities
  • To achieve outstanding outcomes for students and employers

Sheppey College is part of the family of colleges that comprise EKC Group. It is a community college serving the Borough of Swale that offers a variety of courses tailored to the needs of our students, who achieve excellent rates of achievement.

We celebrate all students, the majority of which often exceed their own expectations, going on to study further and into employment. We want all of our students to leave us having achieved qualifications in their chosen subject alongside improved Maths, English and digital skills. 

At Sheppey College we create outstanding learning opportunities for those seeking to develop their skills. Bespoke courses and outstanding student support enable students to succeed, with our central aim to support the communities around us through education and opportunity. Sheppey College aims to be the gateway to employability, further study at higher levels within the EKC Group, and Apprenticeships through our EKC WorkHigher business unit.

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