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Students' Union

As a student you will be a member of one of the best Students' Unions in the country that represents your voice and is free to join.

What do I get by belonging to the Students’ Union?

Once you enrol you are automatically a member. Every course has a representative who feeds back what you want to people who run the College, and as a student you elect who the representatives are.

Benefits of belonging to the Students’ Union?

  • An NUS Extra card which gives you discounts in shops and online
  • Trips to concerts, festivals, the West End, abroad and more. Students' Union members get a say in what trips they want to see run
  • Run College-wide campaigns on issues that matter to you such as sexual health or mental wellbeing.
  • Join a wide selction of clubs and societies
  • Run in elections to become a Students' Union executive officer
  • Give your views and thoughts on the things that matter to you 

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