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Top Tips to Beat Exam Stress

Business student Miguel gives us his top tips to beat exam stress!

We are very aware GCSE exams are coming up and this might make you feel a little nervous, but we believe considering the following tips are going to help you crack on your exams and get the grades you need for your career.


On the day before...

  • Stay hydrated and drinking water more often is crucial.
  • Do some exercise and create those endorphins you need for boosting your mood, relieving stress and helping you to be ready for your revision time.
  • Meditate if you’d like, focus on your breathing and this will help you from the distractions on your surroundings.
  • Don’t skip your breakfast, lunch and dinner since you need those vitamins to try the best on your exams.
  • Go to sleep before 9:30. Get yourself some blackout curtains for a better sleep, you can also have a bottle of water next to you and so the first thing in the morning won't be checking your phone but drink water.
  • Go for a walk and if you have a dog, you can walk your dog. Between 10-15 minutes might be enough time to try not to think too much about the upcoming exam and get that fresh air to relax.
  • Have some time to spend on something you love or feel passionate about.
  • If you have done some exercise, recovering from taking a cold shower would be the best. This will make your blood circulation faster helping you focus much better and being active.
  • Schedule some revision sessions with yourself throughout the day. Make these sessions not too long since it could cause you feeling overwhelmed from so much information. Best method would be to revise little by little at different times.
  • Set an alarm so you don’t get late to the room and try to set a sound which is neither too noisy starting the day in a bad mood nor too peaceful since you could enjoy the music too much and fall asleep again.
  • Complete easy tasks first. This will make you feel happy and satisfied from your achievements, giving you the motivation to carry on to the harder ones.
  • Get your bag pack ready with everything you are going to need for the next day.


Exam day...

  • Wake up early so you don’t run late.

  • Try not to get too distracted by your phone.

  • Spend some time listening to music if you’d like.

  • Don’t forget your healthy breakfast and brush your teeth.


We hope these tips have been useful to you and you can consider taking these for your daily basis as well.

Folkestone College wishes you the best of luck!


by Miguel de Sousa Gomes, Level 3 Business & Enterprise