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How to prepare for your college interview!

Let us talk you through the college interview process!

Well done on securing an interview for college! You are probably feeling a bit nervous and wondering what will happen next.

Don’t sweat – because we are here to talk you through the process.


What shall I wear?

The first thing to think about is what to wear! There isn’t a dress code, so you can come wearing whatever you like.

We however suggest comfortable, practical clothing that looks smart to create a good first impression.

If you need to come wearing your school uniform, that’s fine too.


Where shall I go?

For your college interview, please come to the main reception of the college. You will be greeted by someone holding a clipboard. They will tick your name off the list, and then give you a visitor sticker. Make sure this is visible at all times. This is so that we know you are an authorised visitor.


Can I bring someone with me?

You most certainly can bring someone with you if you need support. However we ask that you only bring one person, otherwise it gets a bit crowded.


What happens?

Once you have signed in, you and the other people who have arrived for an interview will be taken down in a group to the Open Learning Space, where you will be greeted by the Principal.

Once everyone has arrived, the Principal will give a talk about college life and what you can expect studying at college.

Once the Principal has finished talking, you will be collected by a tutor from the subject you have applied to study. They will take you to their classroom area and begin the interview.


What will they ask me?

There’s nothing to worry about! The tutor simply wants to find out more about you and your interests and why you’d like to study at college.

They will probably ask you why you are interested in a subject, why you are interested in studying within the college environment, what kind of things you enjoy doing, so they know you are applying for the right course.

The tutor will probably also ask you about what your predicted grades might be, so if you are offered a place at college, they can put you on the right level of study when you start with us in September.

It’s also a good opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have too! Before the interview, why don't you write some down in a notebook and bring them with you?


What happens next?

Once the interview has been completed you are free to go!

If you are offered a place, you will need to accept this via your Enterprise account that you created when you first applied.

Once you have accepted your place, then you are all set to join us in September. Keep your eyes peeled out for any enrolment details that will be sent to you via the post.

And in the meantime, why not follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok to keep up-to-date with the things we have going on at college?


Best of luck with your interview, we are sure you will absolutely fantastic and be accepted onto your dream course!

If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to give our friendly college services team a call on 01303 858216 or email


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