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Folkestone Junior College

Folkestone Junior College is our provision for students aged between 14 to 16.

What is the Folkestone Junior College?

Folkestone Junior College opened in 2019.

Junior Colleges are for students aged 14, who decide that they would like to leave school at the end of Year 9, and be taught in a college environment instead, learning more vocational subjects, such as art and business.

They will study at Junior College for two years, undertaking Year 10 and 11.

Our Junior College is a part of The Edge, our School for Creative and Business. The curriculum focuses on creativity and enterprise, for young people who wish to specialise in these areas. They will still study GCSE English and Maths, and you can view the full curriculum breakdown here.

Once students have completed their studies at Junior College, they are able to progress directly into Further Education courses at the main Folkestone College.

Please note that online applications for Folkestone Junior College open at the end of Term 2 and close again at the end of Term 3. Any applications made outside of this period will be disregarded. Please read the full application process here before applying.

The Curriculum

Junior College students will not only gain a suite of qualifications but have the ability to progress directly into higher levels of learning at the age of 16.

The Application Process

The application process, step by step.

Information Evening

Come along to our Information Evening event, which includes a mandatory part of the application process.


We know starting a new school is a big decision for both parents and children. Click here for some of our most frequently asked questions.

Values and expectations

We put students first and give priority to enabling them to thrive in education and achieve their ambition.

The First Year

Find out how the first year of our Junior College has gone!