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My first term at EKC Sixth Form College

A Level student Samantha is currently studying at EKC Sixth Form College, and we caught up with her to find out more about her experience in her first term.

I started studying A Levels in September 2022 at EKC Sixth Form. 

I chose to study at EKC Sixth Form College because they were able to offer me the subject combinations that I was most interested in taking.

I was daunted at first as the Sixth Form College was new and I did not get to know anybody who had been there before, but my final decision came when I was interviewed, and I could tell how enthusiastic my teachers were about the Sixth Form College. 

Even though this is a new sixth form, I feel supported and confident with the teaching and the ability of all the teachers. Everyone is so kind and approachable that if you ever need any help you don't need to be afraid to ask. 

I am currently taking 4 A-levels which include, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology as I have aspirations of applying to medicine which the sixth form has offered support and opportunities.

Big Opportunities

Within the first two months of studying here I have been able to take on a range of different roles, from being a Student Ambassador, Course Rep and creating the very first Medical Society in the College. As part of my Psychology course, we will be visiting Auschwitz, too.

The Students' Union 

I enjoy having access to the Students' Union, which is run by the students at the College, so you know that if you have any queries or concerns you can get these answered and sorted. The SU is amazing in offering support and advice and has incredible reach across the College, so you're never left wondering what is going on!

The College overall offers a wide range of fun activities and events to attend to which any student can apply to via the student union. The Student Union offers a minimum of 2 trips a month to places like Bluewater, Thorpe Park, Winter Wonderland, Comic con and so much more.

Social Action

I love how the sixth form is interested in supporting me to get involved with as much charity work as possible. I am currently an ambassador for 'Global Cupcakes of Hope UK' charity. It's very near and dear to my heart, so to have the College's support has made me love it even more.

Preparing for University

EKC Sixth Form College has helped so much already in enhancing my university application and making it competitive. They have helped me develop key skills like leadership, communication, time management and more. When creating the Medical Society, I was able to give a whole presentation to the Sixth Form to promote the society.

So far, we have visited a university fair and looked around the University of Kent. I think it is important to get networking opportunities early in the year as it grows our key skills and allows us to be organised and confident when choosing universities.


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