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What Students Think: Graphic Design

Students were asked about their experience of college, the things they enjoy about their course and if they would recommend Dover Technical College as a place of study. Read below to find out what they had to say.

What do you like most about coming to college?

Miya: I like the fact that we can wear what we like as long as it’s acceptable and this makes us feel comfortable with ourselves. This goes into my next point. College is more advanced than school in many ways. In school, we all had to be the same whereas this course is freer and we are unique and this helps us to find out what we are best at. It’s a fun environment too where we can all have a laugh as well as getting our work done.

Dan: I really enjoy Dover Technical College, I enjoy not having a uniform as it makes you feel like you are being treated as an Adult. I really enjoy the environment I’m in at the college as we are able to talk and discuss everything and everything we do is always enjoyable.

How did you find your first few weeks of college?

Miya: I started a couple of weeks late into the course however, I was given so much support and was welcomed into the class.

Dan: My first day was a bit after the very first day of college, as I joined after the year started, but I was welcomed with open arms and everyone was very nice to me. The tutor was very nice to me, making sure I was ok throughout the day and making sure I knew what I was doing and if I was struggling at all.

What do you enjoy about your course?

Miya: The projects which we are assigned are clear and understandable. Dover Technical College is a great college and very welcoming and supportive of people’s needs.

Dan: The lecturer is great, he has helped me so much throughout this lockdown, reassuring me that I am able to get into the second year of the course, even though I am not able to fully complete the work due to the pandemic. College is not like school in many ways such as the freedom that you are given. You are given the work and you are able to do it your way, instead of being made to complete something in a way that doesn't suit you. It helps your mindset and you know that you are doing the best work you can do.

What fun things have been planned to help you engage with your course?

Miya: We have been on trips to different colleges and different places which helps us see things from a different angle. We have also competed in competitions like designing the Fort Burgoyne logo, which was fun to take part in.

Dan: The trips we have gone on have been very fun and interesting.

Would you recommend Dover Technical College as a place of study?

Dan: Dover Technical College is a good place, I enjoy going there every day. I’ve never been bullied or anything, everyone has always been nice to me so I don’t have any complaints. I would recommend people to go here for any subject.