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Life in lock-down

The growing pains of being isolated with your children.

It’s 6:10 in the morning, the alarm goes off. Waking up in a rush, I soon regain consciousness and realise that is another lengthy tedious day to be bound in the house.

“Mummy!” Cries Lewis (who is my eldest son aged 7) “When are we going back to school?” “I am not sure baby; but let's keep praying and hope that the government will soon announce that this is all over and we are safe to go back to normal”, I reassure him.

Can you blame them though? All they really want to do is to be normal again, go to school, church, park and play with their friends but instead they are stuck in the house with one adult who is telling them to wash their hands a million times a day, and not to touch their faces. I mean, is this really fair on them? There is no doubt that their screaming and complaining have had a massive toll on my patience.

Staying positive

So, rather than being all gloomy about our ’new life’ I have decided to embrace it. I go for a run at 6:30 am, breakfast at 8:30 am, encourage my kids to join Joe Wicks on daily PE exercise as recommended by the teachers, at 10:00 am our school session begins, this goes on to 2 pm, then I start preparing dinner. Most evenings, we spend some quality time together watching a movie, baking or playing some board games. I try to stick to their normal bedtime routine so I can at least have some space to breathe and have my sanity back.

I am not very confident in writing, so I decided to make a photo book of our daily activities because at the end of it all am not expecting my children to fully remember all this craziness, but going through the photo album will remind them that even though it was a difficult time, we made good memories and that’s all that really matters.

It is hard to grasp this whole situation, but I choose to hope that there is a God somewhere who will put an end to all this chaos one day and history will tell of the great plague that hit the world in 2020.

Natasha Rogers