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A day in the life of a Travel and Tourism student

It’s Monday and I’ve got an exciting day ahead of me. My first lesson is English, where my lecturer asks me to write a story about a faraway place – an easy task because I do a lot of dreaming of faraway places I want to see one day! My story turns into a love story on an Australian beach and my lecturer says he’s impressed with my vocabulary. Then it’s maths and we are getting a test back from last week. It’s gone ok for me but I’ve made some silly mistakes. ‘Nothing we can’t fix’, smiles my lecturer, which gives me confidence: I will pass maths this year!

I go into town with my friends for a quick lunch and then it’s the lesson that I’ve been waiting for: our first cabin crew lesson! We have a proper aircraft cabin in our college and it feels very special having a lesson here. Somehow, the environment and wearing my uniform makes it all very real, which means that I take my learning very seriously now. This will be my future as a travel rep or an airline cabin crew member.

We learn about the basic movements within the cabin: you can’t just go where you want when you want. All moves are carefully timed so that you can provide passengers with really good service while keeping everyone safe on board. As we take turns pushing the trolley through the aisle (we’ve got some real cans of fizzy drinks on there) and ask the ‘passengers’ what they would like, we have a giggle as everything goes wrong and everyone is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Doing the safety demonstrations for the first time is a complete disaster – and I always thought that bit was easy – because nobody knows how to actually put on a lifejacket! We discuss the exercise in our class and our lecturer explains why cabin crews are trained so strictly by the airlines. Mistakes at 35000 feet can be very costly! Luckily we have all year to practice before we take our tests. As we head for break, our lecturer lets us have those mini cans.

The last lesson of the day is a theory lesson in preparation for the geography exam. We have to know all the countries, major cities and tourist attractions around the world. Yes, it’s hard learning them all but it’s also amazing to find out about all those faraway places. We watch a video of Australia’s Gold Coast and I think back to my love story from this morning. One day I will go there!

Once college is finished, I dash home to get changed into my work uniform and then start my shift at a cafe in the town centre. Although this is not as fancy as an aircraft cabin and luckily nobody needs a life jacket, I can actually practise my customer service skills and my boss has commented that I’m much more confident since I started college. It’s a long and tiring day but I know it’s all worth it for that goal of exploring the world one day.