Dover Technical College - A Day In The Life Of A Hairdressing Student
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A Day In The Life Of A Hairdressing Student

I arrive at College at 8:40 so I can pick up some breakfast. It’s free and I’m meeting my friends in the Refectory. Our first lesson starts at 9 and I have to be on time because ‘being late is unprofessional’ as my lecturer keeps saying. It’s been two months now since I’ve started my Hairdressing course and I’ve sort of surprised myself how quickly I’ve got used to the way we do things at College, which is so different to school! I used to struggle to get out of bed but now I’m really happy to get into the salon on time, getting myself ready for the day and making sure everything is in place for our clients.

I put my things in my locker and check that I’ve got my kit and everything. My lecturer is going through the order of the day with us: first set up the salon, then we have clients until lunchtime, after that we tidy up and then we need to complete our write-ups.

By the time our clients arrive, the salon looks lovely. We’ve put some nice chart music on and coffee is ready too. I have a consultation with my client and make sure I understand exactly what she wants and complete my consultation sheet. Then I get to work: shampoo first, then a cut and then I need to blow dry, which is the most difficult bit for me. Luckily, we all get on really well in the class and there’s always somebody to help. My lecturer will also help me but I like trying myself first. By the time my client is all done I’m starving but I wouldn’t dream of asking for a break until my client has left happy with her hair. It feels great to make such a difference to somebody and my lecturer is very pleased with me too!

For lunch, my friends and I go to the Refectory – sometimes we pop into town but nobody fancies it today. At first, it felt strange wearing my hairdressing uniform and I thought everyone was staring at me. Now I’m incredibly proud of who I am and how far I’ve come. I feel more grown-up and independent than ever! We bump into our maths lecturer who reminds us to check the online platform for revision. He’s lovely and I really don’t mind maths now – another thing I never thought I’d say!

We tidy up the salon (we always turn the music up for this bit, which makes it more fun), then pop over to the computer room to type up what we have done today so that we can put it in our portfolios. My folder is quite full already, and I’m amazed at myself. I was never a fantastic student, but this is like a proper job where it really matters what I do, so I want to get it right. Even the theory, which is quite difficult, is actually really fun to learn because I know why I’m doing it. I mean, I hope I never get a client with headlice, but if I did, I’d know what to do!

The Skills Practitioner comes to speak to me. She is in charge of our uniforms and kits and has ordered me another T-Shirt. She also asks me whether she can put my name down for some junior hours with the Level 3 students. This is a great opportunity for me to pick up some tricks and observe adult students.

Soon it’s home time. Before we go, we have a brief catch up on how everybody’s done today and the lecturer deals with any questions. She also tells us about a workshop we have tomorrow: a salon owner is coming in to show us some new cutting techniques and we also get to use some fancy new curling tongs. Can’t wait!