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Access helped me to find my dream career

I am 28, have 3 children and my husband is a veteran with PTSD. I joined the Healthcare Professionals Access course as I had been to a uni open day and was interested in studying occupational therapy. 

The Access course is excellent, and the lecturers are extremely supportive and invested in making you succeed, which is probably why they have such a high success rate. When I joined the course my family questioned how I would manage as I had to work part-time as well, however, I was determined and found that most others on the course were in the same boat with kids, jobs and loads of other complications. Everyone supports each other in college and outside. If you need help with the work, you can easily contact your friends on the course or the lecturers. The college provided me with a bursary for help with childcare and travel costs, otherwise, we couldn't have afforded it and I would have kept having to put off my dream of going to university to get the career I actually want.

The course content is varied, with psychology, biology, an independent extended research project and sociology being the core. Through this course, I discovered that I loved biology! My lecturer was so passionate about the way she taught this and I am sure that is why I realised I wanted to go further into this subject specifically. To be fair, all my lecturers were extremely passionate and knowledgeable in all their subjects and all easily contactable for help.

What surprised me most about the course is how prepared it makes you feel for going on to the next step. I feel confident in my academic work now, something I was nervous about and all the advice, trips and planning for university really helps. If you are considering doing the course, I truly recommend you go for it, if you can take the time to do the work then you can go on to do anything.

I am going on to uni in Canterbury to study biomedical science and I absolutely cannot wait. Thank you much to the college for all their support, the lecturers, and all the other staff who helped with counselling, finances and any worries I had.