Canterbury College - Work From Home Motivational Poem
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Work From Home Motivational Poem

During uncertain times, it often helps to think of things differently, that's why our Industry Liaison Officer Abbie Kay created a short poem to help remind you that we at college are all still here to help, in more ways than you may think!

The World is in a pandemic, 

That doesn’t stop us being academic, 

Even just a friendly ear, 

Please remember we are still here.


The College is closed for now, 

But we are here to support you – just tell us how, 

We’re all working from home, 

Please make yourself known.


Pots, pans, scissors, brushes, wax and oil resting on the shelves,

What is important now is that you look after yourselves,

Take your daily exercise – breathe in the fresh air,

Whilst remembering there is a department of people here for you that really care.


Tutors on hand to support you to pass your course, 

Contact us – we are your very own resource,

Do what you can day by day, this isn’t a race,

We all miss our department – it’s many of ours happy place.


Pick up a book – watch a movie, 

Blast out some music and get groovy,

Contact a friend or family – cheer someone else’s day, 

Whilst remembering sometimes it is ok not to be ok.


If you have a wobble your student mentor is here, 

Qualified in mental health and offering a friending ear,

Tell yourself this won’t be forever,

Remember we are in this together.


I long for the day our freedom is replaced, 

To see you back at college with a smile upon your face,

Our industries are struggling – I can’t wait to tell them we are here!

And get you into your work placements for the next academic year.