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Where can a qualification in Travel and Tourism take you?

Travel and tourism is as much about far-off shores and foreign travel as tourism in the UK. If you're wondering what types of jobs you could look into after studying a Travel & Tourism course at College, take a look at some of our suggestions below.

Travel Agent

Want to work in travel, but not keen on working for long periods of time abroad? A career in a travel agency may suit you more.

You will likely be responsible for the daily operational tasks of a travel agents office. You’ll be selling holidays to customers and be the first person they speak to for advice over what type of holiday to book.

As the world moves online, you may find that you are able to work from home. You could be responsible for maintaining website content and being at the end of the phone to customers who need help in booking.

Travel Blogger

If you love social media and have a flair for writing, photography, and content creation, you could consider starting your own travel blog. If you put a lot of effort into your online presence you may be asked by independent hotels and travel companies to try out their holidays in return for a comprehensive review. This industry is very hard to break into, but now is a great time to start.

Alternatively, you could look at larger-scale travel publications, such as Time Out, who look for entry-level journalists who have a passion for travel.

Cabin Crew

The world is opening again, and future flights are being scheduled, which means cabin crew are more in demand than ever.

As Cabin Crew, you will find yourself travelling all over the world as part of your job, very frequently. You’ll need to be well presented, friendly and ready to learn the ins-and-outs of customer service.

Our Travel & Tourism courses give you a comprehensive introduction to the world of cabin crew and many of our students have gone on to work for companies such as Virgin Atlantic and Easy Jet.

Holiday Representative

As a holiday rep, you will oversee holidaymakers and their travel arrangements once they are at a resort. Your main job will be making sure that everyone is having a good experience.

Your day-to-day tasks will include holding welcome meetings in hotels, handling complaints and issues like lost luggage or passports. You will have in-depth knowledge of the area you are working in and will be able to resolve unforeseen problems like flight delays or transport issues.

Your Travel & Tourism qualification will involve trips to many different places where you can find the right place for you.

Tour Manager

If you’re organised – this may be the career for you. You’ll be assisting holiday makers with all their arrangements, from passports and relevant documents to liaising with hotels, restaurants and any other attractions that is going to make the holiday great.

You’ll need to have an in-depth knowledge of the area you’re working in, and you’ll be able to think on your feet as you deal with emergencies and disruptions.

Tour managers are often self-employed, or work on a freelance basis. At College, you will have the opportunity to take part in enrichment activities that can help you explore the world of self-employment, and you can take advantage of our industry-expert tutors’ advice and guidance.

Tourism Officer

Whether you want to work abroad or stay in the UK, a tourism officer role is perfect if you want to explore different sectors such as marketing and visitor management.

A tourism officer works behind-the-scenes to plan tourism services and events such as festivals and exhibitions. You may find yourself creating marketing website content, devising, and planning tours and developing visitor information.

This job is usually office-based and can be explored through a range of different progression routes. A Travel & Tourism qualification could lead to higher education routes in marketing, media studies or business/management studies.

Hotel Manager

If your passion lies in customer service and you have a flair for entrepreneurship, you may find the perfect career to aim for is in hotel management.

Good with numbers? You’ll be accountable for budgeting the hotel’s services and staffing.

If you work in a smaller hotel, you’ll need to have an oversight of everything that happens. If you find yourself working for a larger hotel, you might be responsible for a specific remit such as accounting, or marketing.

Whilst a lot of your responsibility will be office-based, you will be expected to be front-facing and ready to deal with clients at regular intervals.

Finding your specialism at College

All the routes above can be explored with a Travel & Tourism qualification. You will have the opportunity to experience resort rep training and cabin crew training.

Our alumni have gone on to work all over the world and have found what they enjoy through different projects they have worked on at college.

Start your journey by browsing our Travel & Tourism courses.