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SU President Manifestos

This year, the Students' Union has received nine nominations from students who would like to lead the SU as President for the 23/24 academic year. Voting opens on Monday 21 May, so take a look through the candidates manifestos to help you decide who to vote for.


"I am currently the SU welfare officer, and throughout the year I have worked closely with the Students' Union President on activities and events and have seen how well students have responded. Not only that, I am focused and driven, if I want something done I will do everything in my power to achieve it.

I pledge to:

  • Expand the Buddy System and offer it out to new students in September to provide more students with help and support
  • Encourage the Sixth Form to be included in the College by using days and activities where they can get involved more
  • Grow Positivity Wednesday and do more activities that can be used to support the Wellbeing Centre.
  • Put out suggestion boxes so that anyone can suggest events in the College."


"I would make a good SU President as I have been working as an ambassador during events, as well as a Course Rep, taking feedback and suggestions to meetings with the SU and Senior Leadership in order to help improve our College and student experience. This has given me an insight into what students want, and how to action this.

I pledge to:

  • Provide a clear and simple way for students to get in touch with me directly about issues that affect them and what they are passionate about
  • Reach out to local politicians and the city council to ensure that the student body is kept informed about events and happenings of the city around them, specifically matters relating to students
  • Raise awareness about hidden disabilities such as autism, EDS and chronic fatigue. "

Criminology, Sociology, Psychology

"I will make a good SU President as I am passionate about change and hearing people's opinions and I will work well with a group of SU Officers.

I pledge to:

  • Help people with mental and physical health issues to achieve their grades by offering them support at College
  • Listen to people's suggestions and make College a better learning and social environment
  • Improve social aspects of College in communal spaces with events."


"I have made College a welcoming place for my class and I would love to bring this to the whole College

I pledge to:

  • Spread kindness and joy
  • Continue the collaboration with the Wellbeing Centre
  • Set up clubs and societies that might appeal to courses that do not currently engage with the SU."

Politics, Economics, Law

"I am adaptive and have good organisational skills - if there is a problem, I will overcome it quickly and efficiently.

I pledge to:

  • Rejuvenate outdoor areas with plants and flowers
  • Increase the ability for students to leave feedback to the Students' Union
  • Consider implementing options to replace your lanyard with a clip on card holder."

Students - you have until Friday 26 May to vote for you 23/24 SU President.