Canterbury College - Seaspiracy - Alumni's Documentary Makes a Splash Across the World
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Seaspiracy - Alumni's Documentary Makes a Splash Across the World

Always inspired by the expansive and beautiful oceans, Ali Tabrizi, creator of the Netflix Original Documantary, Seaspiracy, and alumni of Canterbury College, has produced a powerful and controversial documentary on the fishing industry which was released on Netflix on March 24th 2021.

Having grown up in Ramsgate, Ali’s love of the sea and the environment began at a young age and he has taken his passion for the ocean, combined with his creative talent, to ask questions about the fishing industry.

After leaving College, Ali and his wife Lucy, founded Disrupt Studios, and set out to create a film that celebrated the ocean. Instead, Tabrizi found himself examining the harm that humans inflict upon the sea through pollution and illegal fishing practices.

Raising the question on the impact on our oceans, Ali interviews several environmental experts in the 90-minute documentary, who paint a picture of how the future may look if we continue to overfish at the rate we currently do, predicting an empty ocean in the next 30 years if something isn’t done.

The documentary has made a splash on Netflix, receiving outstanding reviews and responses from many celebrities who took to Twitter to praise the insightful documentary. This huge achievement not only demonstrates Ali’s extraordinary talent but truly opens our eyes to the largest threat to marine life.

Ali told KentOnline, “This film will radically transform the way we think and act on ocean conservation forever. It is time we focus our ecological and ethical concerns on our seas and its inhabitants. This is a new era for how we treat the most important habitat on earth.”