Canterbury College - Our New Spring Lane Brand
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Our New Spring Lane Brand

We are delighted to share with you that Spring Lane is now part of EKC Group and Canterbury College. To celebrate, we thought we would share a few of the changes around the campus that truly welcome Spring Lane to Canterbury College.



Our Animal & Land-based students at Spring Lane will wear a leafy green colour, to reflect elements of nature. The required uniform, including fleeces and jumpers, is freshly branded but the colour differenciates the students from those studying at our New Dover Road campus. Alongside the required PPE, students will feel professional and part of something big.




We're proud of our Spring Lane campus and we wanted it to be eye-catching and prominent within the community. The roadside monolith is not only great for making our mark, but it also helps us become more visible to new students so they know where to find us.


Directional Signage


Spring Lane has onsite parking and to make the site more accessibe for all, we decided to give the signage a bit of an overhaul. Again, in the Spring Lane leaf green colour, we've made sure that when you arrive on site, you know exactly where you need to be.



Find out more about Spring Lane here.