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Meet the Spring Lane Animals

Spring Lane is home to more than 500 animals and over 2,000 invertebrates. This specialist campus offers unique opportunities to learn from experienced industry professionals with a wide range of animals - read on to meet just a few of them.


These small, hopping marsupials call Spring Lane home. They are members of the kangaroo clan and are primarily found in Australia. As herbivores they feast on grass and plants. Our wallaby gang is growing day-by-day, as many of our wallabies currently have joey’s developing in their pouches.



From the big to the small, our students get to meet a wide range of feathered friends.

First up, the Rhea. These flightless birds are native to South America and are closely related to the ostrich and the emu. As he is quite a bit larger than our other birds, our playful Rhea currently shares an enclosure with our goats where he has made himself at home.


And in the bird pen, you can meet our chickens, geese and ducks. Whilst geese are known for being quite loud and intimidating, our geese have hearts of gold. They stick together in their gaggle and often move in sync with each other. They share a home with our cockerel, who was abandoned a few years ago and, alongside the ducks, is now looked after by our students. Spring Lane is also home to some avaries that house more exotic birds, such as cockatiels.


Small Mammals

Perhaps slightly more familiar, our rabbits and guinea pigs live in outdoors enclosures and you’ll also find some ferrets living on the Spring Lane campus. These sociable creatures live in groups and are firm favourites due to their playful characteristics. Although they are known to sleep between 18 and 20 hours a day, they are happy to wake up for some playtime with the students.



Goats and Sheep

Our flock of sheep and drove of goats are popular animals with our Spring Lane students. These friendly and approachable characters enjoy attention – especially when it involves being offered willow to eat from the trees.


Reptile Room

Our reptile room includes a wide range of creatures, with its notable residents being the snake and the bearded dragon.

The purpose-built reptile centre is a fantastic facility to give students industry-standard opportunities. They will get the chance to work with animals that are certainly not native to our country and learn more about them.


From animals to horticulture, there is so much more to discover at Spring Lane. Find out more here.