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Level 2 English Student Success

Some of our students have been working hard to pass their Level 2 English course and achieve a great result in their exams. Take a read of some of the success stories that have been shared by English Lecturer, Patrick Piper, that we have loved celebrating at College:

Ellie Walker

Ellie engaged positively with a Transition tutor to support the development of her English skills.

She maintained good attendance and always contributed to discussions in class, as well as try her hardest with the work that was set.

Coincidently, the first term’s topic, that led up to her exam, was all about self-belief. I think Ellie may have taken this on board as she successfully passed her reading exam on her first attempt this academic year.

Clearly, she had benefited from the skills she had developed last year under difficult circumstances, and just needed that extra confidence boost to secure her Level 2 pass.

Ellie said: “I do not need to study English anymore and I have reached a level that will open more opportunities for me. Although it was a struggle, it got easier, the more I learnt. At College, you develop in time more independence and have the ability to choose what you do; it is all down to you."

Congratulations on passing your Level 2 English course, Ellie!

Connor Podesta

Connor attended lessons regularly. Whilst he may not have been the most vocal contributor in class discussions, I got a real sense that he was reserving his energy and commitment for the final hurdle in his way, the challenging Level 2 reading exam!

Our topic of self-belief may have helped him in some small way, but ultimately, I think it was Connor’s commitment and focus that allowed him to clear that hurdle and achieve a pass at L2 English. 

Connor said: “I am really pleased, I struggled at school and I just wanted to achieve to the best of my ability. College kept me focused and now look what I have achieved!"

Well done on achieving a pass, Connor!

Jack Webb

When I first met Jack, I got the impression that after a difficult year engaging with online learning, he felt somewhat deflated. However, I’m pleased to say, that with a little encouragement he really turned things around.

Perhaps the work that we did on self-belief and having a positive mindset might have contributed in some small way, but in all honesty, Jack just needed a gentle nudge.

It was his focus and commitment, both in class and in extra sessions with the Transitional Tutors, that gave him the confidence he needed to pass Level 2 English.

Jack said: ”I am so glad that I have passed English! College enabled me to focus on passing the exam, gave me some hints and tips on how to navigate the test, and now I don't have to do it anymore. I have achieved a level I am proud of, and now I'm focusing on passing my Maths course."

Congratulations on your fantastic result, Jack!

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