Canterbury College - An Interview With Your SU President
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An Interview With Your SU President

After a few weeks of hard campaigning, we are pleased to introduce Art & Design student, Zico Briki as the new Students’ Union President for this academic year. Today we’ll be catching up with him and finding out a little bit more about his plans for the year.

Hello Zico and congratulations. How do you plan to spend your year as Canterbury’s SU President?

This year, I plan to help reinforce College as a safe space for students. I want them to be able to meet new people and spend time with their friends in a safe environment. I think this will bring the College community closer.

It’s important to keep Covid-19 in mind, so I will also be campaigning to ensure that College is also the safest it can possibly be. I’m starting with a pro-mask campaign, encouraging students to learn about the importance of wearing a mask and why doing so has a positive impact on us and our health currently.

What inspired you to run for the role of President?

I thought I could make a difference to the College community and I thought whilst I was doing this it would boost my CV and introduce me to brand new skills and opportunities that will be useful in the future.


What skills from your course can you bring to the role?

I am a Level 2 Art & Design student and my course allows me to be open-minded and creative. It allows me to look at a situation and see potential, which will benefit me in this role.


How can I get involved in the SU?

We are always looking for students who would like to get involved and support the SU team. You can apply to become an Officer, where you will be responsible for different things such as;

  • Equalities
  • Green Issues
  • Welfare
  • Activities
  • Marketing

You have until Friday 9 December to put yourself forward for this opportunity. It’s a fantastic way to boost your CV and show that you’ve got what it takes to make a difference.

Find out more about running for an SU Officer Role here.