Canterbury College - Foundation Learning Students Explore The Fashion Industry
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Foundation Learning Students Explore The Fashion Industry

The Foundation Learning department works with students who are not ready for vocational study for reasons such as low grades, being unsure of what area to study or needing confidence to enable progression.

Students in our Foundation Learning Department had the opportunity to go on a trip to London to visit Fashion Enter.

Fashion Enter is a social enterprise, fabric and clothing manufacturer that supports learning and development within the fashion and textiles industry.

The students visited as part of their Creative Industries unit based around textiles and were able to have a tour of the factory and explore the different stages of production.

Jenny Holloway, CEO of Fashion Enter, spoke to the students about popular designs and what the company do to ensure quality and production standards are met.

The students were introduced to the concepts of trends and fast fashion, identifying best sellers and what made them popular.

They also learnt the process of how clothes are created, from design to the customer.

Fashion Enter ensures that they are an ethical producer and make sure that worker’s wages and working conditions were the best they could be, while still being competitive.

Students were shown the latest technologies in the fashion industry, including printers that not only print material with any design, but also print in the shape of the pattern piece, ready for cutting.

The Foundation Learning students really enjoyed the visit and asked engaging questions as they were led through the factory and Jenny even commented that she would be more than happy to give any one of them a job within the factory.

After the day of learning, one student said: “I took for granted where my clothes came from. Now I know!”.

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