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Because it Matters Podcast

A podcast series run by students. Touching on topics that matter most, there is an episode for everyone to enjoy.

Your podcast hosts, David and Shannon, study Level 3 Media Production (Print, Radio and TV) at Canterbury College and have a passion for all aspects of media, especially radio and podcasting.

During the lockdown both David and Shannon read a book based around college students having their own Radio show which they broadcast college news by Roman Kemp & Vick Hope.

After taking inspiration from both the book and authors they decided to plan and make their own podcast for the college. 

Jase Smith, who studies Level 3 Film & TV Production also joins David and Shannon in some of the episodes. 

Episode 1

Episode 1 divulges into the discussion of music, giving listeners an insight into the world of concerts, charts, technology and rising musicians especially during times of Covid-19.

The episode includes an interview with Jase, about their band, Table Football. 

Episode 2  

Episode 2 explores all aspects of Fashion, including how to make the fashion industry more sustainable. It includes discusses fashion events such as the Met Gala.

The hosts are also joined by co-founders of the fashion brand and shop 'WE WEAR'.

Episode 3 

In Episode 3 discusses all aspects of the LGBTQ+ Community. David and Shannon talk about what the LGBTQ+ Community is, the history of it and and celebrities that are part of the LGBTQ+ Community.

They also answer questions from listeners about the topic.

Episode 4 

In Episode 4, David and Shannon are joined by Jase and explore all aspects of Film & TV. They share their recommendations of films to watch. 

Episode 5 

In Episode 5 they talk all things music, the BRIT Awards, their favourite musicians and upcoming tours. It also features an interview with Only The Poets.

Episode 6

In Episode 6, David and Shannon discuss their favourite books, book adaptations, authors and talk about some of their listeners' recommendations.

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