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We have a range of support services available to students to ensure that they can make the most of their time at the College.

Advice & Guidance

We provide free impartial advice, support and guidance. Our aim is to help you fulfil your potential and go on to employment or university-level education.

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Additional Learning Support

Our specialist staff are here to support students who have varying needs, including physical, sensory, dyslexia, autism, global learning delay, challenging behaviour and mental health.

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Students' Union

When you enrol at Canterbury College you automatically become a member of our Students' Union, which organises trips, events, campaigns and more.

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We want Canterbury College to be a safe and secure place where everyone can work and learn together. Safeguarding is the term used to describe the legal and moral obligations we all share to help keep the College this way.

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Learning resources

We have professional-standard learning resources for students to use throughout their time at the College.

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Tutors and mentors

Progression Mentors support full-time learners in their personal development, enabling them to become independent learners who enjoy their time at the College and reach their full potential.

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Financial support

We are committed to supporting students in order for them to overcome any financial barriers to learning.

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We provide a range of facilities and services to our students, staff and the general public.

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