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Why Choose Ashford College? - Barbering/Hairdressing

Barbering/Hairdressing could be the Pathway for you. We are focused on you, and will help you achieve your full potential. Here are some reasons why choosing Barbering/Hairdressing could be your best choice yet.

A course for all ages!

At Ashford, we offer Barbering/Hairdressing courses for all ages, meaning that this pathway is suitable for those who are looking to break into the industry or those wanting to retrain. 19+ students can also go on our course which specialises in Barber training. Whatever your age and circumstances are, there is something for you here at Ashford. 


Stand out with your skillset

On our Barbering/Hairdressing pathway, you will be taught many skills that are vital for the hair industry, including client consultation, shampooing, cutting, styling and health and safety. You will also develop your interpersonal skills on this course, as engaging with clients will boost your confidence and communication skills! Skills like these will make sure that you stand out from the competition.


Get Practical experience

Our Hair Salon at our Elwick Road campus will give you a chance to gain real life, practical experience under the supervison of experienced industry professionals. Our salon provides treatments for staff, students and members of the public, and will allow you to grow your portfolio as well as get experience that will be sought after in the industry. 


Contests and competitions

At Ashford on our Barbering and Hairdressing courses, we take part in many competitions and contests both internally and externally. At Christmas we had a contest with hair designs based on TV and Film, including Avatar and the Lion King! These unique opportunities are a great part of Barbering/Hairdressing at Ashford, and help make our courses stand out against the rest. 


Wide progression opportunities

Barbering and Hairdressing is an industry that has a wide range of opportunities for those looking for a career.  As you progress through your course you may look at working in a specialised area, or may have some practical work experience that gives you a better idea of what you are capable of. Examples of careers in this industry include...Colourist, Stylist, Barber Manager, Image Consultant or Product Sales to name a few!


Sounding good so far? 

Take a look at our Barbering pathway  or our Hairdressing pathway today! Time is running out to join us for a September start!