Ashford College - Student Showcase - Bradley (Health and Social Care)
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Student Showcase - Bradley (Health and Social Care)

Health and Social student Bradley has shared with us what he likes about his course and the college environment. Hear what he had to say below.

Bradley is studying the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care at Ashford College, and we spoke to him to see why he chose college and what he likes about his course. 

Watch the video below to hear his thoughts about the college environment, or read below for further details. 


"My name is Bradley, and I am studying Health and Social Care at Ashford College. What I like about Health and Social Care is that there is a variety of topics to study and different units, my favourite of which is Psychology, which is the basic needs of the human mind and body."

(Health and Social Care at Ashford College covers many units such as human life span development, working in care, research and others!)


"I chose Ashford College as I thought it was the best college for me with the course, and also as it's local for me, it was just as good in terms of travel. The transition from secondary school to college its definitely a change in environment and the college itself is so nice with all the other people you get to meet. There is so many people within college and Health and Social Care especially who understand what you need and your emotions."

(Our staff will make sure you get the best experience possible on your course, and with extra-curricular events throughout the year!)


"I also like the college's enrichment program as there is so much different enrichment activities, like PC tutorials, Karaoke and Video Gaming. 

If you're looking at Ashford College I would definitely recommend coming to an Open Day as there is a variety of different things and courses to go and look at and explore."

(Open Days are a great chance to explore more about your course - or what college life is really like)


Thank you to Bradley for sharing his experiences of Ashford College. To see when our next Open Day is click here, or apply online to any of our Pathways to see what college life is like and how we can help you.