Ashford College - Media - A Brand New Pathway for 2023
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Media - A Brand New Pathway for 2023

September 2023 sees us launch our brand new Pathway of Media - read more below.

As September 2023 approaches, it is not just the building of Phase 2 that will help students grow in the new academic year, but it will also be new courses and new investment which will help us achieve. One exciting development is that for the next academic year we are proud to be launching a new Pathway of courses - Media. With a UAL accredited Level 2 and a Level 3 Extended Diploma (in Creative Media and Production), anyone 16+ can study with us. These courses are designed to prepare students for work in the creative media sectors and if they want, they will also help you progress to university.  


Why choose Ashford College? - Media:

Here are some reasons why you should consider applying for Media this year at Ashford College.


Local and Global Opportunities:

The media industry is one which is constantly growing, and is full of opportunity no matter where you are in the world. By studying at Ashford, you will receive teaching and experience in a location that is surrounded by opportunity. London, arguably the UK's biggest Entertainment hub, is just over 30 minutes on the train, and there are close links to Europe. New developments are coming to Ashford as well, such as the Ashford International Film Studios, (part of Newtown Works) which should boost Ashford's standing in the industry. All this means that during your time at college and once you have completed our courses, you will have plenty of chances to gain work experience and valuable practical learning. 

Plan of Newtown Works, including the Ashford International Film Studio.


A wide range of facilities

Our facilities across all Pathways at Ashford College have been built and invested in to be the industry standard, and to give you opportunities you can't get anywhere else. For Media, we have our very own Production Studio, with lighting equipment, green screens and backdrops for you to practice and craft your skills in. Our professional Music Studio will let you understand the world of audio in depth, and help you to realise the importance of sound in Media. Our computer facilities are Mac computer suites which are loaded up with up-to-date software such as the Adobe Creative Cloud. By using tools such as Premiere Pro and After Effects, you can get high quality study and make fantastic projects!

Use our Mac Computer Suites to edit and create various projects...


Learn audio skills in our on-site Music Production Studio...


Experienced Staff

As a brand new Pathway at Ashford College, you will be taught by the best staff possible, who are determined to help your talent succeed and grow. 

We are very pleased to have a brand new head of Creative, Digital and Innovation who is starting the Media pathway here at Ashford. Richard Eno, who has worked in the post-16 sector for 24 years, brings with him a huge amount of experience in creative media education. He’ll be able to teach you how to make music videos, short films and how to use social media in an effective way. If you’re interested in working in the film industry then you’re in luck as he can share his experiences in screenwriting and directing and teach you how to write a professional screenplay (amongst other things on the course).

Richard is originally from Folkestone and was educated at King Alfred's College, Winchester. He also studied film producing under Dov Simens, the same man who taught Quentin Tarantino as well as many others in Hollywood. He also trained at The Script Factory where he focused on helping writers fix their screenplays. Proud to be leading Media at Ashford, Richard says that “All I really want to do is help people make films and be creative – that's it. Life is too short to be boring so I do all I can to inspire students to embrace their creativity.”  


Richard Eno, our new Head of Creative, Digital and Innovation.


Fun facts about Richard include...

  • Nearly every year of his teaching career he has taken students to either Los Angeles or New York City for a week.
  • His favourites films include those from David Lynch, Akira Kurosawa, and David Cronenberg.
  • He collects vinyl records so finds it difficult to walk past a record shop and not purchase something.
  • His favourite video game is Half Life 2, which he calls, ‘the Hamlet of video games’.
  • He loves literature, especially the work of Haruki Murakami and Iris Murdoch.  
  • He has published articles in places such as Innovate My Classroom, Taste Of Cinema and Screen Rant.

“The most important things in life are movies, music, books and comics – everything else just gets in the way”.  


Wide student enrichment

Whilst learning through class work and practical lessons in our Media facilities is at the forefront of your course, Ashford College boasts an enrichment program which allows you to learn significant skills and have fun outside of your lessons. With a wide range of options as for what to do, and with a set of activities that is determined by students, you will learn exactly what you want to. This year in 2022/23, one of our main enrichment successes has been our Open Mic/Karaoke sessions, which grow in popularity every week! Music students currently use these sessions to help gain even more industry experience, and there's no reason why you can't get involved.

Learn alongside your course or just have fun with our Enrichment sessions!


Media - relevant to lots of areas!

Maybe you are leaving school and are unsure what you want to do in the future? That's not a problem with us - college will help you grow and develop and make the decisions that are right for you, no matter which Pathway you choose. Did you know that Media actually links in to loads of areas? On our Media pathway you will learn skills and practices that could take you anywhere after college, from employment to higher education. Students will be opened up to how a range of media is produced, such as films, television, social media and graphic design and journalism. The best part is that you will be producing this content yourself as part of your studies. By the time you finish college you will not only have an amazing qualification, but you’ll also have a serious amount of content for your portfolio as well as work experience.


If you want to learn more about our Media courses, look at our pathway page and apply today!