Ashford College - Connor - From potential student to paramedic success!
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Connor - From potential student to paramedic success!

Connor studied Access to HE (Higher Education) with us in his goal to become a paramedic. In just one year, he is on his way and is now studying Paramedicine at the University of London. Hear his story below.

Why did you join Access to HE at Ashford College?

"I did the Access course at Ashford College as I had a definitive goal of wanting to do paramedicine, but with not having A-Levels I was looking at how I can get there. I wanted to go through education as I’ve worked with a paramedic who suggested it was the better option for me to really succeed. 


What subjects did you most enjoy on the Access to HE courses?

In my course I enjoyed Psychology as I found it particularly interesting, being stuff that I’ve looked at before. I also enjoyed the physiology and anatomy but it was difficult at the beginning. 

As part of Access you do an Independent Academic Study (IAS). With the IAS it is very independent, you basically put what you learn throughout the year into a topic of your choice and it is like a full study of it. If you asked me before I started the Access course if I could get through with Distinctions I wouldn’t have thought that would be the case. Its encouraging for university as it makes you think that it won’t be so difficult when you get there because you’ve already done similar work.

The lecturers here were very supportive and they took a lot of information and made it compact into 8/9 months learning time, which thanks to them was doable and achievable. For me the access course was always going to be to get on Paramedicine. I’m now going off to do Paramedicine at the University of London, so I’m now one step closer on the road to where I want to be.


What advice would you give to those wanting to do Access or adult education but think it's too late?

If you are thinking of doing Access then it's never too late, I’m 28 and I was doing it. There were people on the course who were older than me, who ended up getting just as good grades and are also going off to university this year. The person who I worked with in the NHS, she guided me into doing an access course as she had done one in her 40’s and is now a paramedic. You’re never too old to do something like this. There were lots of students who were a wide range of ages from 19+ upwards. If you’re worried about getting the work done, you will surprise yourself. Everyone on the course in my year really surprised themselves with their grades.

Access didn't seem easy at the start, but it was so worth it to help me get to where I need to be. I only put my application in the last week of August through Open Enrolment and I’m so glad I did as now a year later I am at University instead of thinking about doing Access."


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