Ashford College - 5 Reasons to choose Open Mic as Enrichment
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5 Reasons to choose Open Mic as Enrichment

Our Open Mic sessions are just one part of our enrichment program at Ashford College. Find out below why it could be your choice of Enrichment every Wednesday.

As part of Enrichment at Ashford College, where you gain skills outside of your pathway, we offer many activities for you to try out. One of these is our Open Mic sessions, which allow you to do karaoke and sing various songs with your friends and have a lot of fun while doing so! Here are 5 reasons why Open Mic sessions are a great choice for Enrichment. 


1: Boost your confidence

Don't feel comfortable in front of an audience? Want to get better at confidence and putting yourself out of your comfort zone? Our Open Mic sessions are a great way to do so! There is no pressure to join in and you can watch, but everyone else singing will feel the same as you. There is really nothing to lose, and you may even surprise yourself with how comfortable you feel halfway through a song when the whole crowd is supporting you. 


2: Make new friends

At our first Open Mic session on Wednesday, we had students from a variety of courses such as Music Tech and Art and Design. Throughout the session, they went from meeting to the first time to singing a wide selection of songs together. You could meet your new best friend here!


3: A wide choice of songs

Talent isn't limited here, and you can pick any song that you want! Songs on Wednesday included pop anthems, to timeless classics like Careless Whisper by George Michael and Yellow by Coldplay. 


4: Have lots of fun and laughter

From hearing other people sing songs in new ways that you never thought possible, to laughing about what could potentially come next, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun at an Open Mic session.


5: Gain technical skills

You can also learn technical skills by helping set up our sound equipment such as our speakers and microphones!


If you a current student and want to learn more about Open Mic sessions for Enrichment, speak to Megan in the student centre. 

If you are looking at joining Ashford College, and want to learn more about Enrichment, come to an Open Day - pre-register here!