Ashford College - 5 Improvements to your Student Experience in 2022
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5 Improvements to your Student Experience in 2022

We have changed lots at Ashford College over the past year and throughout the summer, so here's 5 improvements that will benefit you and your life at college!

1 - Wider choice in the E-Hub

Our E-Hub has been a great source of information and reading materials throughout the year, as well as a place to loan out laptops or work on your studies. This year, we have been adding more books and e-books into the E-Hub, so that you have a wider selection of choice when it comes to reading and borrowing. We don't just have course books or academic guides, we also have a wide range of categories such as Manga, Graphic Novels, and LGBTQIA+ titles so there is always something for everyone. If there is a book that you are interested in and the E-Hub doesn't have it, just talk to our team and they will be happy to look into this for you. Read more about the E-Hub here or listen to Katie (our E-Hub Coordinator) on our video below. 


2 - Much requested Magazine's are back!

Feedback throughout the year from our previous and returning students was that magazines would be good to have in the student centre. We have previously had these in the E-Hub, but they were related more to academic content. We have also set up a magazine corner on one side of the student centre where you can now read these. This space also gives you an idea of what life at Ashford College is like, thanks to Student Experience Officer Megan's wall display covering events we did last year and beyond. 


3 - Comfier seating to improve breaktimes

Seating in our student centre was mainly tables with hard chairs before, with a couple of sofas primarily for use when playing on the Xbox. Although these were good options for students to chill out and relax during breaktimes, we felt that more could be done. We have added beanbags to the student centre, and they really are very comfy, to the point where after sitting down you won't want to get up! This also hasn't replaced any existing seating that we had, meaning that there is more space to hang out and make friends. 


4 - Greater enrichment options

Enrichment is a big part of life at Ashford College, as we believe that learning doesn't just happen in the classroom. Ashford College gives you a chance to learn and improve on skills outside your pathway, whether it be on our football team, or throughout workshops like musical instrument sessions. Last year our enrichment was a big focus after the pandemic, but now we are delighted that we have even more options for you to try on a Wednesday during enrichment sessions! New things you can try include DJ workshops thanks to our Music department, and sign language lessons thanks to our additional learning support team. Read more about Enrichment at Ashford College here, or listen to Megan (our Student Experience Officer) on the video below. 


5 - Better spaces to learn

We are currently investing lots of money into our campus so that you can have the best learning experience possible. Although Phase 2 is currently under construction, we have some spaces that have been updated and completed throughout the summer, such as our Early Years T Level Suite. This classroom will be able to give the students the knowledge that they need throughout their T Level course, as well as an area to replicate Early Years environments in our college. This classroom was designed throughout the summer, and you can see the progress over the summer break here. 


We have changed so much more throughout the college, and we can't wait for our students to experience these and the great opportunities that they will have throughout the year. 


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