Canterbury College - Pay it Forward – A Kindness Campaign
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Pay it Forward – A Kindness Campaign

January is the beginning of the new College campaign ‘Pay it Forward’. This campaign is designed to promote kindness and friendship, whilst inspiring social responsibility.

Social responsibility is important for both students and staff at Canterbury College as it will build a welcoming College community with a culture built on mutual respect.

There are many things, big and small, that you can do to get involved with this campaign.

Fundraise for local charities

Is there a particular charity that is close to your heart? Maybe you can help raise money for a good cause. You may be able to take part in a race and ask friends and family to sponsor you. A quick search on the internet for local events is a really good place to start.

If sport is not really your thing, then what about holding a bake sale? Little amounts of money can add up to quite a large sum, so this is definitely something worth thinking about, too!

Donate your unwanted things

Is your wardrobe full of clothes that you never wear? Have a clear out and bring in your unwanted clothes to the College, where we have a recycling bin of clothes that will be donated to local charity shops and homeless shelters.

Some of you may have tins of food in your cupboard that you won’t use, so why not consider donating them to a food bank? There are over 4,000 children living in poverty in Canterbury, with families who are unable to feed themselves properly. Your food bank donations would go a long way in helping out families in need.

Give encouragement

There are lots of smaller things that you can do to help those around you. You could take time out of your day to say thank you to people who do nice things for you. It could even be helping out a student on your course who is struggling, or just letting them know that you think they are doing a good job.

The gift of kindness

You can join in with the Pay it Forward campaign every day simply by being kind.

Take time to ask somebody how their day is going, or pay them a compliment. If you like their hair, tell them.

You may even like to show your appreciation for someone by buying their coffee.

What will you do?

Whatever you choose to do to get involved in the Pay it Forward campaign, the College will reward you for your random acts of kindness throughout the term.

There will be post boxes around the College for you to nominate somebody else’s acts of kindness in return for a reward.

If you’d like to share your or your friend’s activities on social media, use the hashtag #PayItForwardCanterbury and start spreading the kindness today.