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Meet your Student Information Team

Did you know that when you come to Canterbury College for an Open Day, you will have the opportunity to speak to one of our impartial careers advisers? If you are unsure about which pathway to choose, you can get inspiration from the Information, Advice and Guidance team, who will help you to take a direction that is right for you.

This is why our Information, Advice and Guidance team have kindly taken the time to introduce themselves in this handy blog post.

Tracy Gilbey

Tracy has been at the College for 16 years, having previously worked as an IT lecturer. She has been working in the Student Information Centre (SIC) for three years. As an Information, Advice and Guidance Adviser, Tracy provides impartial advice and confidential support regarding careers. She says: “We always consider what’s best for the student.”

Bev Arnold

Bev is the Team Leader for Information, Advice and Guidance. She has been working at the College for 15 years. Bev talks to existing students about their progression routes. She also reiterates that their role involves giving impartial advice.

Bob Phillips

Bob is also an Information, Advice and Guidance Adviser in the Student Information Centre. He has been working at the College for 12 years, 10 years of which have been in the SIC. He has a wealth of experience to impart in his impartial and confidential sessions. Bob says: “The SIC has won a Matrix Assessor Award for its impartial advice.”

Rachel Smith

Rachel has been a Progression and Destination Adviser for eight years, helping students to access the right training or find a suitable workplace. Rachel also helps students to progress on to the next level of their course or to find a more suitable College programme.

Richard Dean

Richard manages the whole of the Information, Advice and Guidance team. He has worked in the SIC for 11 years. Richard talks to students about their funding options and helps with financial issues.

Why not pre-register for our upcoming Open Day so that you can get fast-track entry on the day? This will give you more time to assess your study options, obtain more information about Canterbury College life and get help with applying for a course.