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Meet the Art & Design Professionals

Students are supported and inspired by professional tutors who understand the industry, with backgrounds in their trade and knowledge of how the business works.

The KFE4Skills competition encourages students to test their skills within the field they have chosen to study and to develop their confidence. 

The Art and Design department at Canterbury School of Visual Arts has a wide range of industry experience and a history of working as independent artists.


Ben Kidger (left), Rob Black (right)


Ben Kidger is a talented and established artist, sculptor and gallery curator. He holds an extensive portfolio of sculptures and completes commission work from clients. He has worked internationally, most notably in the Middle East on a project with refugees.

Rob Black, who has previously exhibited work at the world-renowned Turner Contemporary, is a specialist in graphic design. He has vast experience working in the graphic design and publishing industries and is an expert in digital design.


Nikita Adams (left), Danny Whitcher (right)


Nikita Adams is a specialist in digital film arts and regularly holds intermediate and advanced photography courses to share her extensive knowledge of the industry. She is an exhibitor at the Harvey Gallery in Guildford.

Danny Whitcher is a photography specialist, who has been exhibiting work at local galleries for over 10 years. He also collaborates with artists and private clients on their projects.


Clive Soord (left), Sue Freeman (right)


Clive Soord is an award-winning ceramic artist, modeller and painter. He has been commissioned to produce work for the film industry on various projects and his art is exhibited across the world including Bali and America.

Sue Freeman is an internationally renowned milliner. She works for professional clients and has had collections sold in department stores such as Macy’s in New York and Fenwicks in London. She passes on her knowledge and has lectured at the Royal College of Art.


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