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Exploring our College values

Over the last six weeks, we have been exploring our College values, which you can see displayed on flags in The Street in the College. We use them as guidelines for everything that we do, to ensure that all of our students are getting the most out of their time at the College.

CREATIVITY – Adapting to change through innovation


Leaving education and going into the world of work is a big change, and the College will help prepare you for this. Whatever your next step is, we can give you the help to acquire the necessary skills to prepare you for the changes that are coming your way.

It could be that you want to develop your leadership and problem-solving skills. This is absolutely possible for our Student Ambassadors, who undertake many responsibilities when it comes to promoting the College to visitors. Working during Open Days gives them the opportunity to come face to face with situations that help them develop their problem-solving skills, much like they would when embarking on their chosen career.

You can also develop your problem-solving skills when working on large-scale projects. In 2018, the War Horse project allowed Construction and Art & Design students to use their creativity and practical skills to make a large wooden horse. Whilst working on the project, they overcame the natural obstacles when putting it together.


AMBITION – Empowering students to reach their potential


All of our students have the potential to do great things, but sometimes you may need a helping hand in getting to where you need to be. The College will give you the opportunity to showcase what you can do and give you the ability to reach your potential.

It may be through work experience that you find you can reach your potential. Our Work Experience Placement Officers will help you to find a perfect fit for your chosen career, giving you the opportunity to explore your future and excel in your field.

This year, Music and Performing Arts students took part in the Canterbury Festival, where they showcased their abilities through performances. This gave them the empowerment to practise their talents in a setting with a real audience.



RESPECT – Welcoming everyone and celebrating diversity


Everyone is welcome at the College, regardless of gender, age, religion or nationality, and we expect our students to celebrate the diversity.

The Students’ Union do a fantastic job of encouraging respect for one another. You can join one of their societies or join in on one of their diversity campaigns.

We also encourage you to use your personal projects as an opportunity to celebrate diversity and challenge social perception.


EXCELLENCE – Putting students at the heart of everything we do


Giving students the opportunity to take ownership and responsibility of real-life projects is what we do to allow students to develop their skills in the workplace.

Streetside Café and Bistro is a completely student-run café on the Canterbury campus that gives Catering and Hospitality students the chance to put what they’ve learned into practice in a functioning business.

Students can be involved in projects that can show off their excellence, too. This year, Art & Design students were given the opportunity to work in collaboration with Whitefriars Shopping Centre on their spring fashion shoot. They chose and modelled the outfits on a professional photoshoot.



ENTERPRISE – Turning our ideas into reality


We encourage all of our students to turn their ideas into realities and we have the best examples for you to look up to.

Earlier this year, Travel & Tourism students had the opportunity to speak to one of our old students who used her enterprise to land her dream job at Thomas Cook Airlines. Offering students the chance to hear from alumni who have been in their shoes and who have made their career dreams work for them, is a great way for you to learn how you make your ideas a reality.

Many alumni have gone on to set up their own business and work in industries related to their course. We took a look at ex-student Louis Presland, now a successful freelance videographer, who is a fantastic example for all students who are currently studying Media and Communications at the College.


RESILIENCE – Being determined to make a difference


Determination to make a difference cannot be more easily proved than during our Community Weeks. Taking place twice a year, all students and staff at the College can organise fundraising or help out at local community projects that are close to their heart.

Our Sport & Fitness students took a trip to Newmafruit Farms and helped out with the apple gleaning, giving all fruit to local homeless shelters – helping out those in need and reducing food wastage all in one go. Other students have fundraised for local charities on the streets of Canterbury.

Animal Management students used their expertise to raise money in innovative ways. They offered the opportunity for others in the College to ‘face their fears’ by holding the College snakes and snails for a small donation.



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