Supported Learning

Ensuring your young person gets the best education and the right support to continue their progression is core to our Group’s approach. In order to achieve that, we’ve designed a range of courses which are designed to ensure your young person develops the skills they need to progress seamlessly through our curriculum offering.

This will depend on the pathway they choose to follow, rather than the level they start on. This could see them progress from the supported learning department into vocational programmes, or a supported internship, which will see your young person developing their employability skills in a workplace.


Our new EKC Group curriculum model allows your young person to find the pathway that’s right for them, with built-in progression routes that can help them achieve their longer term goals.

Teaching Principals

Ensuring our students get the support they need is fundamental to the work we do across the Group. That’s why we’re committed to providing an appropriate level of support for your young person after we’ve reviewed their needs. We’ll draw information from their Education and Health Care Plan, and other sources, to ensure the necessary support is put in place.

We use the RARPA (Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement) structure for all of our life skills programmes with a baseline assessment to evidence your young person’s development. This is a personalised approach to learning to prepare your young person for adulthood.