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Green School Awards 2021

Sheppey College have been selected to receive a prestigious Green School Award for our "Wellbeing Garden" in the Green Champion Category.  

The awards ceremony took place on Thursday 25th November 2021 at Ashford International Hotel. Tutors Aaron Gray and Sean Perriam attended along with students Connor and Harry who were all very involved in the wellbeing project! 

Our Landscaping students have been assessing the campus grounds and how we can use it to increase habitats for wildlife and maximise the spaces available. During this, it was decided that a small pond would be a great option to create a new habitat and a great project for the Landscaping students to work on. This small pond is currently on order and we cannot wait for the students to be able to install in and create a whole new space on the campus grounds.

Our Landscaping students have been building animal enclosures at Curly’s Farm and will continue to visit and take part in projects every Thursday for the next few months. This is such a great opportunity for them to learn great work experience skills, health and safety rules and crucial employability skills, preparing them for employment when they complete their course with us. Carrying out work on Curly’s farm also helps the students to learn about the animals and their habitats while helping the farm take more animals due to their new enclosures.

Landscaping students from Sheppey College have created and designed a number of areas on the College campus including their newly completed wellbeing garden for students and staff to enjoy.

One of our Construction students, Roman Straine-Francis is a member of the EKC Group’s Climate Change Working Group. This group focuses on how the EKC Group and Colleges within can reduce their carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly.

COVID 19 has been a huge challenge for our students, it stopped them attending College in person, going out into the local community and working on projects. As soon as it was possible, our students were back out there making the community a better place while following COVID measures to keep everyone safe. Landscaping students have designed and created a wellbeing garden on the College grounds for students and staff to enjoy.

It began in 2019 when the Landscaping students were given the go ahead by the Principal to use a piece of land on the campus. They brainstormed different ideas on what the land could be used for and then decided on a wellbeing garden that would be available to students and staff who needed to take a moment to relax and be calm. Once this had been decided, the students started drawing their plans for the design of the garden and this was then agreed with the
students and course tutor.

The area was very overgrown with weeds to start with, so the landscaping students began with clearing the area and starting with a blank canvas. Once the area was ready, the students put in some fences to make the area slightly more private and secluded from the main road. They then built a decking platform for the seating area. The remaining area was then covered in stones to create the pathway. Once the pathway had been created, the students then filled the outskirts and designated flower bed area with soil and bark.

The students created a wooden pergola and benches for the seating area which gives a great affect to the garden, and went shopping to choose flowers and plants to put in the beds. They looked into the types of plants and flowers that would be best for bees and other wildlife. To finish off the garden, students decided they would like to display banners with information about helplines and charities that could be useful to anyone who is suffering from stress, illness, ill mental health, etc.