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Our Vision for Sheppey College 2018- 2022

EKC Group is committed to developing the prosperity and wellbeing of the communities we serve, working in collaboration with all our partners to achieve shared objectives and build collective success.

To shape the future development of Sheppey College in ways that maximise the benefits of being part of the EKC Group, our Vision is aligned to the Goals of the Group. Our Vision is focused on ensuring a relevant and responsive education and skills provision for the communities of Swale, and for local employers we serve.

Our Strategic Plan defines the strategic direction of EKC Group in the coming four years, with our priorities expressed as three Strategic Goals:

  • To drive educational change with the communities we serve
  • To provide exceptional learning opportunities
  • To achieve outstanding outcomes for students and employers

Sheppey College is part of the family of colleges that comprise EKC Group. It is a community college serving the Borough of Swale that offers a variety of courses tailored to the needs of our students, who achieve excellent rates of achievement.

We celebrate all students, the majority of which often exceed their own expectations, going on to study further and into employment. We want all of our students to leave us having achieved qualifications in their chosen subject alongside improved Maths, English and digital skills. 

At Sheppey College we create outstanding learning opportunities for those seeking to develop their skills. Bespoke courses and outstanding student support enable students to succeed, with our central aim to support the communities around us through education and opportunity. Sheppey College aims to be the gateway to employability, further study at higher levels within the EKC Group, and Apprenticeships through our EKC WorkHigher business unit.


To drive educational change with the communities we serve


To ensure our colleges are at the heart of their local community

By 2022, Sheppey College will be valued by the community as a welcoming point of access to education. Local residents will benefit from an engaging range of informal and formal learning activities and opportunities for individuals and their families in the evening and at the weekend.


To lead dynamic development of skills education across East Kent

By 2022, Sheppey College will be delivering high quality provision that directly supports the economic growth of the local area and businesses within it. Building Services, Business and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) will continue as our focus. We will adopt a 'learn today for tomorrow's opportunity' philosophy that will drive a progressive curriculum. Our vision is to enable learners to be ready for their next steps in life and work, contributing to the prosperity and wellbeing of the communities we serve. Through the opportunities offered working within a family of colleges we can prepare learners to step into higher level education through the excellent courses offered across EKC Group.


To provide exceptional learning opportunities


To inspire social responsibility

By 2022, Sheppey College will be well known for supporting local community projects and charities. We will develop a focused curriculum offer that builds the foundations of employability skills, honed through community action projects. Our progression curriculum will enable and support project-based learning to create opportunities through which students can take pride in their local community. Sheppey College will be a gateway for employability, working closely with our students to support their success.


To deliver highly career relevant education and training

By 2022, Sheppey College will work closely with local businesses and employers to ensure our curriculum offer is aligned to the needs of our community. We will be preparing every students with the essential skills to be ready to apply for employment. By becoming a gateway for employability, we will motivate and encourage learners to unlock their potential, developing highly needed skills and qualifications. Offering adult learning courses in the evening and at the weekend will ensure the community can access engaging and enjoyable learning opportunities that lift career prospects, enable re-engagement with the world of work, and support individuals to become lifelong learners.


To achieve outstanding outcomes for students and employers


To build confidence, personal ambition, and a determination to succeed

By 2022, Sheppey College will have raised the aspirations of teachers and learners to strive for the very best outcomes attainable. Through a positive and supportive approach to learning. proactive opportunities for real industry experience, and high expectations, we seek to ensure every learner grows in confidence and develops the knowledge, skills and behaviours to succeed. Our variety of learning opportunities and the flexibility of their delivery means education is accessible to the whole community.


To empower students to enter skilled employment

By 2022, as the community college for Swale, Sheppey College will have areas of excellence and established links with employers, smaller independents, and the public sector. These relationships will support the growth of the college and ensure real opportunities for students to progress through EKC WorkHigher with access to Apprenticeships or direct employment. As a 'gateway to employment' we enable students to explore a variety of career paths with ready-made destinations.

"Thank you for your interest in Sheppey College. I look forward to working with you to achieve this Vision for outstanding education and skills within the Borough of Swale."

Alan Salter, Sheppey College Principal