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Our Vision for Sheppey

We’re proud to be part of the Sheppey Transformation Partnership and the exciting proposal for secondary education on the Isle of Sheppey.

Sheppey bridge and EKC Sheppey Secondary

The Vision

Our vision is to ensure ambitions in life can be achieved through outstanding education.

Our strength is our deep understanding of our communities, and we’re immensely proud of our strong and successful relationship with the Island – we have the only provisions rated outstanding on the Island.

EKC Sheppey Secondary needs to be the mechanism in which we equalise the playing field for the young people of Sheppey and their community. It needs to be a school the community is proud of so that it becomes the first choice for our young people and their families.


We’re proud to be part of the Sheppey Transformation Partnership and the exciting proposal for secondary education on the Isle of Sheppey.

Culture and Ethos

At EKC Sheppey Secondary, we need to be completely focused on the community needs, have high expectations and aspirations for all the young people we serve. We will work closely with families to ensure we enable every one of our learners to achieve their full potential.

Our students need to understand the value and importance of a good education and how this can positively impact their lives and benefit their community. Through both the formal and informal curriculum, we will develop their character and empower them to become the very best versions of themselves.

In Key Stage Three, students will have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, which will enable them to identify where their individual talents and interests lie so that they can develop and perfect these skills in Key Stage Four. Our curriculum will have clear, signposted links with careers to enable all learners to identify their next steps to progress into their bright futures.

A significant importance needs to be placed on reading and literacy throughout our curriculum because we know the importance of these skills in the working world.

Every aspect of school life will need to be underpinned by brilliant teaching. Faculty leads will develop excellent practice across departments and all staff will be passionate about what they do. All staff will have high expectations for effort and behaviour and work tirelessly to encourage the very best from every child they work with.

The pastoral team will need to be the centre of care, they will create a sense of family within the school and will do everything they can to ensure our students have everything they need to be successful.



Relationships are the foundations which ensure that the impact of learning can be infinite.

As teachers and leaders, we need to be our students’ ‘adults’ and model the behaviours and attitudes which we wish to develop in them.

Positive, strong, authentic, trusting and if necessary, lifelong relationships are absolutely essential to improve progress in Sheppey. The historical distrust of the education in Sheppey needs to be erased from the memories of the community and relationships are the only way to achieve this permanently.


The Future

  • Students and staff who are happy, welcoming and proud of their school
  • Teaching is highly and consistently effective across the school and tailored to meet the needs of all students
  • Our culture and ethos is fully embedded and evident in all areas
  • Improved parental engagement
  • Literacy embedded across the curriculum
  • The school looks and feels smarter and safer throughout
  • A heightened sense of team work and collective leadership
  • The school is an exciting and rewarding place to be educated and work in – a place where everyone is learning!

“The community of Sheppey truly deserves an outstanding education experience, with genuine choice for their young people. This new proposal aims to give the community this choice, ensuring they have access to a diverse curriculum that offers them what they need to grow and flourish.

“Our EKC Schools Trust will also unlock opportunity for the young people of Sheppey, offering up new experiences within our sister organisation’s East Kent Colleges Group, and giving the building blocks for the Island’s young people to achieve their ambitions.”

Graham Razey OBE
CEO East Kent Colleges Group

“Queenborough has benefitted so much from being a member of EKC Schools Trust, a Trust that really puts children and young people at the forefront of everything it does. It’s exciting for children, staff and families that our children, Queenborough and those from across the Isle, might enjoy the benefit of being part of the EKC family through their secondary education.

“Our Year 6 children and families tell us every year that they wish they could stay within the Trust and continue to benefit from our inclusive approach and inspirational curriculum.”

Jason Howard
Headteacher, Queenborough Primary School and Nursery
Image of a lady with a bob haircut, glasses, and big friendly smile.

“Working closely with EKC Schools Trust, EKC Sheppey College and our wider Group are excited by the prospect of extending our positive influence on education on the Island. Inspiring all ages, from nursery through Primary and Secondary and our young adults to reach for and achieve their ambitions.

“This proposal offers a unique opportunity for the community; this is truly an exciting time for the development of education on the Isle of Sheppey.”

Alexandra Syrotiuk
Principal, EKC Sheppey College

“This proposal is great news for the children, young people and families on the island. With Queenborough Primary School and Nursery part of the EKC Schools Trust family, there is a wonderful opportunity for our isle to have inspirational provision and outstanding support throughout their school journey.

“The proposal represents a positive change, led by a bold Trust with a proven track-record of success on the Island. I can’t wait to see the achievements which our young people truly deserve!”

Garry Ratcliffe
CEO of The Golden Thread Alliance and resident of Minster on Sea

“As a Trustee of EKC Schools Trust and my own proud history with the Isle of Sheppey, some 25 years, I am excited for the future of education on Sheppey.

“EKC Schools Trust and the East Kent Colleges Group are a powerful partnership, with a strong and successful relationship with the Island that will strengthen education and communities from six months to adulthood.”

Barbara Conroy
EKC Schools Trust Trustee and retired Headteacher

“Curly’s Farm is delighted with EKC Schools Trust’s secondary plan for the Isle of Sheppey. Curly’s proudly supports children and young people who need that extra helping hand at pivotal moments in their education, and I know that the Trust’s welcoming, nurturing and inclusive ethos will serve the community well.

“It’s no coincidence that Queenborough Primary School and Nursery, is the only Outstanding school on the Island. Here’s wishing the new team all the best, in their plan to ensure more great provision for our island children and young people.”

Head of Charity, Curly's Farm, Leysdown-on-Sea

About us

As a Trust our collective commitment to raising aspiration, helping our children grow, flourish and achieve their ambitions drives our work. With information for families and other interested parties, here’s your opportunity to learn more about our Trust and the amazing work going on across our schools.

Inspirational Curriculum Enrichment

Through our Trust and our East Kent Colleges Group partnership, we’re able to provide inspirational opportunities for children to experience a wider and richer curriculum. Learn more about the amazing opportunities enjoyed by our children and communities.

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