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Equality Objectives 2021-2025

We’re proud of our inclusive culture and the diversity across our Trust. Here, you can learn more about our leadership profile and our representation of the communities we serve, which is critical to our ongoing efforts to advance our inclusive culture.

Our Objectives

  • Diminish the achievement and attendance differences of disadvantaged pupils in the Trust
  • Strengthen the Academy curriculums across the Trust to ensure effective teaching of equality and diversity
  • Foster inclusive leadership at all levels across the Trust, to enable diversity of thought and experience to advance our inclusive culture.

EKC Schools Trust is committed to equality in both education provision and employment. We aim to ensure that students, parents, Governors, employees, contractors, partners, clients and those who may potentially join the Trust community are treated fairly and with dignity and respect. We will be positive and proactive about people’s differences, and wherever possible, we will identify and remove barriers to inclusion and achievement.

Equality is at the heart of EKC Trust’s culture, so whilst we have high standards, we continue to challenge and improve upon what we do; our Equality Objectives identify our focus through to 2025.  

These objectives are informed by:

  • Our organisation profile
  • Self-evaluation/quality improvement cycle outcomes
  • Best practice
  • Legal requirements
  • Local, regional, and national priorities and initiatives

The Trust will review its progress annually at Headteacher Board.

Public Sector Equality Duty

We welcome our duties under the Equality Act 2010, and our objectives further the aims of eliminating discrimination, advancing equality of opportunity, and fostering good relations. 

Headlines to date

A grey map of East Kent, with logos of each of East Kent Colleges Group's Colleges and EKC Schools Trust's primary schools dotted on the locations they are situated in. The East Kent Colleges Group logos shown are: EKC Ashford College, EKC Broadstairs College, EKC Canterbury College, EKC Dover College, EKC Folkestone College, EKC Sheppey College, and EKC Training. The EKC Schools Trust primary school logos shown are, Queenborough School and Nusery, Bysing Wood Primary School, Palm Bay Primary School, Briary Primary School, The Churchill School, Holywell School, and East Stour Primary.

The EKC Schools Trust Limited (a company limited by guarantee) and registered in England and Wales under company number 11154851 and whose registered office is Broadstairs College, Ramsgate Road, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 1PN.