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How to Apply for Ashford College

Applying to Ashford College is as easy as ABC 123! With only 3 main steps, why not read below what our application process is...

If you're interested in studying on one of our full time courses, you may be worried that the application process is really difficult. That couldn't be further from the truth, with 3 easy steps for you to take to apply for our of our programmes. You can submit your application and be accepted into college in no time at all! 

If you have an EHCP (Education Health Care Plan) then the steps are slightly different, allowing us to tailor to your needs and welcome you into College before you start. Read more about this here. 


1: A - Apply online

First of all, explore our website and visit the Pathway page of your choice. Then click on the "Apply" button either on the Pathway page or on a course page. You will then be applying for whichever subject you want to study!

To complete your application, either create or use an existing account for our system, and then log in. Fill in the questions asked, and then submit your application!


2: B - Book an Interview!

Once you have submitted your application online, you will be asked to pick an interview date. This interview in college allows you to meet our tutors and friendly staff, and for us to see what you are capable of and why you are interested in the subject chosen. 

Check the attendance instructions online as well - some courses may ask you to bring in work from school or have specific instructions. 


3: C - Come into college

Once your interview is booked, you can then come into college on the day to meet the staff who will be teaching you here at Ashford College. The word "Interview" sounds quite formal, but don't be worried, our team are here to help and want you to make the best decision possible.


If you would like to know more about the application in more depth, with a step by step guide, visit the EKC Group help page here: How to Apply for EKC Group Colleges