Why should you study in Canterbury?


Canterbury is a historical yet modern city with unlimited ways to kill time between lectures or to fill a lunch break. The initial perks of studying in the city centre are obvious:

  • Easy access to a wide range of household names in the fashion and homeware industry;
  • Countless coffee shops from family-run own brands to high street favourites such as Costa or Nero;
  • There’s also lots to do after your day at College such as a night at the Marlowe theatre or a trip to see the latest cinema has to offer.

If the manic ways of city centre life aren’t for you, Canterbury has many a hidden side street with a real variety of shops, cafes and unique businesses. These side streets are a perfect way to lose yourself in time and it’s almost like transporting back a few hundred years with the cathedral overlooking the town.

Shopping not for you? At the bottom of town, there is a series of walkways alongside the beautiful river Stour next to older Tudor buildings. River tours are available where you will hear about the history of the uses of the river for trade and transport.

Canterbury offers many unique opportunities for hobbies and interests, there are regularly photographers of all abilities roaming the city making the most of the slender streets and sensational scenery. People travel from far and wide and tourists are rarely absent from the area, adding to the already rich culture of the area. The city has two huge universities meaning Canterbury is thriving with different cultures, races, and genders. Recently, the Pride Festival in Canterbury brought people closer together and gave off positive vibes across the city and that highlights the way in which the residents and commuters here embrace the many qualities the area has to offer.

By studying in Canterbury, you’d be joining a very special community that is often captivated by the local events. The market held at the top of the high street is a prime example and always worth a peek. By studying in Canterbury you would grow as an individual and learn how the little things, such as the art in the underpasses, enhance the area's character, something that is often neglected by day trippers. By studying in Canterbury you will be kept on your toes by an ever-changing city but by a city that doesn’t let you forget where it came from, with streaks of culture running through newer developments. So when you chose to study in Canterbury, remember: be yourself, embrace the different cultures and most importantly leave your mark!