Higher Education Student Experience

We love to hear from our students and receive testimonials on their experiences at Canterbury College. Student feedback helps us to improve our courses and advance the quality of teaching to cater to what students want. We’ve spoken with some of our Higher Education students about their time at Canterbury College and would like to share some of the feedback we have received.


Supportive Teachers

Mentioned in many testimonials, the high quality of teaching students have received throughout their time at Canterbury College has been such an important part of the experience. Lindy who studied Animal Biology and Wildlife Conservation says that ‘the teaching is excellent and all of the tutors are not only extremely qualified and knowledgeable, they are passionate about their subjects making lectures lively and informative.’ Being engaged and supported in your studies is at the forefront of our teaching at Canterbury College.

From Classroom to Workforce

Many students choose to study at College to prepare them for the realities of the workforce and to gain the relevant skills which will be transferrable in their future careers. Combining practical and written work students gain a well-rounded perspective on their chosen subject. Becky from Applied Animal Science says ‘the practical experience would go hand in hand with our current assignments in certain modules further giving us a greater knowledge in the subject.’ At College we aim to prepare our students for the working world and design our courses on the industry standards.

Modules and Resources

The content of the courses at Canterbury College have been reviewed at such a high standard, providing a thorough and engaging curriculum throughout your studies. Lindy tells us that ‘course content is very comprehensive and covers a wide range of modules using different mediums which are challenging and motivational and enormously rewarding such as symposiums and debates’. With a wide range of subjects and lessons, with practical elements our students are able to achieve the best results. Becky who was aiming for a 2:1 in her Applied Science course soon realised she could ‘achieve more than that by utilising all the resources provided including the tutors, the library and the online college website’ and completed her degree with a First.

Trips and Experiences

Many courses at Canterbury College offer the opportunity to take their students on trips and outings to give a unique insight into the industry they are studying and a chance to practise their hands-on work. Becky tells us ‘the best practical experience of them all came in the third year when a trip to South Africa opened my eyes to Conservation. During the Safari we drove through Kruger National Park, Somkhanda Game Reserve and a beach trip to Kozi Bay; there were so many animals to see and study, with the help of extremely knowledgeable tour guides educating you on each species.’ Canterbury College prides itself on being able to offer fantastic trips like this to our students.