Adapting to Change – From Student to Ambassador

This week we have been interviewing 40 students for the opportunity to become Ambassadors for the College. The role of an Ambassador is to support the College during important events such as Open Days and Enrolment with tasks such as registration, speaking to visitors, guiding tours and answering questions along with setting up posters and banners for the events.


Working as a College Ambassador provides a stepping stone from Education into the working world and teaches students how to adapt to this life progression. In this role the students are able to build confidence and gain new creative experiences that will look great on CV’s for future employers. We will even provide references for all Student Ambassadors who work for Canterbury College. 

To help you adapt from studying to working life we have put together a list of the key characteristics that we are looking for in a Student Ambassador, and hopefully you can follow these guidelines for your future job applications.

BE ENTHUSIASTIC – Ambassadors must be keen to represent the College in a positive way.

BE CONFIDENT – Be able to approach and speak to visitors, staff and students in a professional manner.

BE WILLING – You will need to have a positive, can-do attitude to work.

BE APPROACHABLE – Be smiley and make visitors feel welcome when they arrive at the College.

BE PROFESSIONAL – You must be punctual, respect fellow Ambassadors and wear the Ambassador uniform provided at events.

Student Ambassadors will be tested on their ability to adapt to change in situations such as queries on Open Days and talking to the public. They will need to think creatively about ways they can promote the college to new students and be the best representatives for the College.