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How to Write the Perfect CV

If you’re looking for a part-time job to go alongside your studies, or if you need a full-time job after completing your course, you’re going to need to write a CV that stands out from the crowd. This post will show you exactly how to do that.

A CV outlines your personal and professional history. This is your space to sell your skills and showcase everything you have learnt whilst being a part of Canterbury College.


Making your CV easy to read and yet also distinctive can be a little difficult. Stick to a clear system and make sure to highlight how your experience is applicable to the role you're applying for.

Start with your main selling point: write a line about what you’re currently studying and your biggest achievement. Then set out your CV with clear headings to make it easy to read. Outline your educational history, and/or employment history, and include duties from each placement which demonstrate that you’ll be able to do the job you're applying for.

Don’t forget to add your name, email address and phone number at the top of the page.

Your studies

Whether you’re on a vocational course or an apprenticeship you will have gained some key skills from completing tests and assignments, showing that you are able to stick to a timetable, work as a team and be punctual. Let an employer know this by listing your course on your CV and highlighting how your studies have helped you grow as an individual.

Personal Experiences

Have you taken part in any trips or community work alongside your studies? Demonstrate that you have a wide range of interests and a willingness to help those around you by listing your extra-curricular activities. As an Animal Care student have you taken a trip to South-Africa? As a business student have you taken time to help the community by clearing local spaces and raising money for charities? Your experience at College is so much more than just what you study. Let your future employer know how College has shaped you for the better.

Work Experience

No matter what course you’re studying you will have taken part in work experience. Make sure to include this on your CV. Work experience will place you ahead of those who have only studied in a classroom as it shows that you are capable of moving outside of your comfort zone and demonstrates your career interests. This experience will also provide you with a great reference for future employers.

Check and double-check

Once you have written your CV make sure that there are no typos and everything is spelt correctly. Get another person to look over your CV to pick up on mistakes you might have missed before sending it off to an employer. As your CV represents you, it is important to iron out any errors to prove that you care about the application you’re making.

Good luck with all of your future applications!

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