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Winners at KFE Creative Fest

Kent Further Education (KFE) Skills Competitions demonstrate students’ abilities in their field of study. Through inter-college competitions, students can prove their advancement and take home prizes to be proud of.

The most recent competition was KFE’s Creative Fest, where two of Canterbury College’s students took home awards. Winners can go forward to be selected for entry into the national WorldSkills UK competition.

Following a meet and greet session, students were ushered into the hall for a panel judging, viewing videos under four different categories. After an anxious wait for both students and tutors, it was then time for the awards to be announced.

Sara Jeffrey won under the Animation category with her video ‘Work in Progress’. She produced a video which portrayed a line drawing of a ballerina interacting with the main character in her video. The two perform ballet together and communicate through movement. This video demonstrates Sara’s great animation skills – her line drawing moves in a very lifelike manner – and how she can bring a story to life by using her media skills.

In the Non-Fiction category, Katie McCamley won for her video ‘Perfection’. Katie uses a variety of media and film techniques to portray her thoughts on the idea of perfection and how this can affect young adults’ mental health. Through text, audio and effects, the video composes an unsettling feeling for its audience, demonstrating how disturbing striving for perfection really is.

Well done to both of our winners and the Highly Commended Amy McGee and Charlie Bedingfield. If you would like to view the winning videos, you can do so here.