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Commercial outlets and Nurseries

Our nurseries

Our nurseries are all open in line with Government guidance. If you would like to find out more about their reopening, please see the letter for the parents of children who attend our Group's nurseries here. If you have any queries regarding our nurseries reopening, please contact your local one using the details below:

Our commercial outlets

In line with the Government’s advice, we have reopened a number of our commercial outlets in line with the guidance available. These venues are currently being run as cashless entities, so please use other means (Debit/Credit card etc) to pay where possible. These include our hotel, The Yarrow, and some community cafes, as well as our Sports Centre. The list of those commercial outlets which have reopened is below:

  • Radnor Café – Takeaway only
  • Skylight Café – Proposed re-opening date: 1st November
  • The Yarrow – Open
  • Sports Centre & Gym (including Letting Services) - Open
  • AM2 Centre – Proposed re-opening date: End of October/Early November