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As we continue to move through an unprecedented period while the UK begins its recovery from coronavirus, we would like you to know that you will be supported through your Apprenticeship.

Having opened our Colleges in line with Government guidance at the beginning of the new Academic Year, we've been working hard to ensure we remain a Covid-secure organisation. This Academic Year is being delivered in a different way to previous years, and we are taking a number of extra precautions to ensure that we remain a coronavirus safe organisation. These include grouping students into bubbles, and ensuring that there are no interactions between these bubbles. As an Apprentice, we'll ensure thaat you remain as secure as possible when accessing our training provision. The EKC WorkHigher team will be in regular contact with you to ensure you know how you can safely come into our Colleges, and with clear instructions on what you'll need to do whilst on-site. Please follow all of the instructions you receive when you come in to College, as they have been designed to keep you safe when with us. We have also created a video which sets out how you need to behave at our College sites in order to mitigate against the risk of coronavirus.