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Why you should study your Maths & English GCSE with us!

It is never too late to achieve your Maths or English GCSE pass!

At Folkestone College we offer Maths and English GCSE evening classes for adults.

Let us talk you through the reasons you should consider studying with us next September!


  1. Many jobs require it!

Many jobs in many different industries will require you to have a pass grade in both Maths and English at GCSE level!

You use Maths and English in all kinds of different tasks, such as measuring medicine, writing down and reading instructions, counting cash, and much more.


  1. It will allow you to progress in your career!

Even if you are already working, if you would like to progress into a new role or achieve a promotion, then there’s a good chance that the employer will require you to have a pass grade in Maths and English at GCSE level.

Why not get ahead of the game now and study with us?


  1. It’s FREE to study with us!

If you don’t possess a pass grade at GCSE English or Maths, then it is FREE to study with us to achieve your pass.

Don’t stress about fees or funding or student loans, it will be COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.


  1. Evening classes!

Classes take place on a Thursday evening, which will conveniently fit around the working day.

You’ll be studying alongside like-minded adult learners, allowing you to concentrate and work towards passing your GCSE.


  1. Supportive tutors!

Our tutors have years of experience teaching Maths and English to learners at a wide range of ages and abilities. They are here to support you.


If you would like to apply, you can discover our courses below.

Check out English here.

Check out Maths here.